Washington DC Business Startup Lawyer

I’m a startup lawyer and represent startup companies through all phases of their growth and development process.

During my many years of counseling start-up companies, I have often encountered the unfortunate situation common to many start-ups, in which a start-up company has irrevocably lost many of its Intellectual Property rights due to the fact that it did not (or could not afford to) hire or engage in-house counsel to oversee the development, procurement and management of the company’s intellectual property assets. Accordingly, in recognizing the limited needs and budgetary constraints often associated with emerging start-up companies, I offer my services at a very affordable compensation rate of $125/hour (cash) + equity. For example, in my working relationships with young start-up companies, I am typically engaged as the company’s In-House Director of IP or In-House Corporate Counsel (e.g., on a part-time basis), and typically commit work a minimum of 8 hours per month (as needed) in exchange for a minimum of $1000/ month (cash) + equity.

The counsel/services I provide as in-house counsel include: intellectual property asset development and management; technology licensing; investor funding; competitor analysis and strategic counseling; strategic partnering arrangements; compliance and regulatory issues; intellectual property audits and due diligence reviews; freedom to operate investigations; third party IP investigations and negotiations; pre-litigation patent disputes and inquiries; M&A activities; management of company IP portfolio (e.g., including management of patent and trademark prosecution and management of outside legal counsel); etc. I am a startup lawyer and I have drafted and successfully prosecuted well over 100 patent applications relating to computer-based networks, hardware, software, social networking, and web/computer-based business methods and can probvide start-up information pertinent to your case.

Need Help Starting a Business?

As your acting satrtup company lawyer (full-time or part-time), I make myself available for consultation at any time of day or night if you need help starting a business. As your startup lawyer, my responsibilities would typically include:

  • Management of new and existing Company IP (Patents, Trademarks, Licensing, etc);
  • Coordination/management of outside IP counsel (e.g., US IP firm and/or foreign counsel);
  • Preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications;
  • Working internally with Company staff to develop and identify features/concepts suitable for new patent applications;
  • Facilitating drafting of invention disclosure write-ups;
  • Delegating, reviewing, and managing drafting of patent applications and ongoing prosecution handled by outside counsel;
  • Development of in-house invention disclosure pipeline;
  • Manage Company IP budgets and review/approve invoices from outside counsel;
  • Assist with IP investigations, freedom to operate, licensing, trademark infringement analysis, patent strategy, and other Company business issues.
  • Facilitating introductions and negotiations with strategic partners;
  • Providing assistance towards company funding goals, and facilitating introductions to potential investors.

Contact Our Startup Law Firm

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any interest or questions about my services, particularly if you are a start-up company that does currently does not have in-house counsel to develop, procure, and manage your company’s intellectual property.